Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Around our house - Anderson

Part 2 of some of the goings on around our house...

Anderson has quite the personality. He is such a fun little guy and is going to keep us on our toes!

Anderson is quite the little climber...Aaron thinks he'll figure out how to get out of the crib by Christmas...I'm hoping not! Every time I turn my back, he's up on something...be it a chair, ladder, or table.

I love reading to the kids at night. Anderson's current favorite book is the same as Owen's was at this age...Goodnight Moon. When we get to the old lady whispering hush, he'll put his finger to his mouth and say hush. But, all throughout the book, he'll pull my hand to my mouth and giggles when I say hushshshs.

Owen isn't the only one stuck on repeat...Anderson also is, but not with Why, with dog and phone. Every animal is a dog and to call phones an obsession is an understatement. It's phone, phone, phone with him!

I probably shouldn't be surprised to realize that Anderson is always watching and taking in what we do, but I often am when I see him copying us. I was zipping Owen's coat this morning and looked over at Anderson and he was trying to zip his as well. For a few months now, he'll put his hands together at dinner when we say it's time for the blessing.

Anderson is a great picker-upper...which is good because he can make quite the mess in minutes! He, again like Owen, loves pots, pans and kitchen utensils. He has figured out how to open the refrigerator and loves to play in the pantry. He also loves trucks and balls. He'll push trucks while saying vroom vroom.

He loves to be outside and can walk all the way to the babysitter's. If he sees someone go outside he gets very upset to be left inside. And he loves to swing. I have a great video I need to post of him driving Owen's lawnmower. He likes tools and an afternoon a couple weeks ago, picked up one of Aaron's drills and held it up to the fence Aaron was working on.

Anderson has a ton of words...I need to start writing them down to keep track of them. He's been quite vocal from the start and it's so fun to hear his little words. We are still working on milk and up...which are currently conveyed with urgency much whining/crying and pointing.

He still loves shoes. He'll put any shoes on that are left around the house (which I seem to have a problem doing). The other day he was clunking around in Owen's sneakers and then managed to get Owen's slippers on...I do have pictures...they'll come in a future post.

Oh, and one thing I forgot to add to Owen's update...the firetruck came to preschool last week. He has since instructed me several times that we shouldn't play with matches since they are dangerous. And one thing to mention since I published Owen's piece...I was picking up his shorts tonight and heard a jingle...in the pocket were 8 nails that he'd pocketed while helping Aaron work on Granny's fence this afternoon. Like father like son...I'm always finding nails in Aaron's pockets!


Alisa said...

I love reading your updates on the boys..they are so hilarious!! We miss you guys! See you in a couple of weeks! xoxo

Jill said...

Both your boys are so adorable! Great memories!

Jessica said...

I love updates, makes me feel like I know them. I love that Anderson is talking so much. It is so amazing to watch all the new words develop:)..I of course LOVE this!!