Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Owenisms and an Andersonism

Aaron (gently) tossed a pillow his way, hitting him in the head and Owen responded "Daddy, was that necessary"?

After the 2nd day of preschool, I was asking Owen about his day, what they learned, who he played with...you know the drill. He said he played with Brian. I looked back over the class roster...no Brian. I asked him if he was sure it was Brian and he was sure. After the 3rd day, the first thing he said when I asked about preschool was "Brian's name is Luke." Much better...there is a 'Luke' on the roster.

After the 3rd day of preschool and the 3rd time of Owen telling us they worked on the letter A, I pulled out his worksheet and saw bears and balloons. I asked him if he was sure they worked on the letter A or if they did the letter B. From then on, he's given us a letter other than A.

Owen came downstairs after his nap and I had the TV on with a football game playing (I will not mention the team because they are horrible again this year!). The official called a penalty and then pointed to the side to indicate the penalty was on the offense while he said whatever the infraction was and 'offense'. Owen said 'Mommy, why did that referee say offense and point like that. That's not the way you call offensive. You do this." And then he demonstrated the basketball call for offensive foul. He was bothered the rest of the afternoon that the referee did the wrong hand signal. We talked through football and basketball being different sports. I think the black and white stripes were the confusing part for him. He loves to wear his referee shirt and since it's getting a little small, Santa has already purchased the next size up.

I walked in the babysitter's house to pick the kids up...Owen ran to the door and said 'Mommy, I spilled my nuts.'

I put Anderson in his first time out last week because he kept knocking Owen over the head. Anderson was pitiful in time out and Owen went over to him, gave him a hug and said, 'it will be okay brother.'

We had some ginger ale at our house due to a stomach virus making its rounds. Owen was very excited to tell me he was drinking gingerbread.

And, for the Andersonism...I told him to come into the kitchen to eat his toast. He came running in, stopped in front of me, bent over and said 'toes, toes' while pointing to...you guessed it, his toes!


The Smittys said...

they crack me up! :)

Ali said...

these lil guys are so funny!! and they r getting so big!!