Thursday, September 30, 2010

Child Labor

My kids love, love, love to play with water. Helping Daddy wash the car was a blast, at least for them. Daddy had a little extra work due to his helpers.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Owenisms and an Andersonism

Aaron (gently) tossed a pillow his way, hitting him in the head and Owen responded "Daddy, was that necessary"?

After the 2nd day of preschool, I was asking Owen about his day, what they learned, who he played know the drill. He said he played with Brian. I looked back over the class Brian. I asked him if he was sure it was Brian and he was sure. After the 3rd day, the first thing he said when I asked about preschool was "Brian's name is Luke." Much better...there is a 'Luke' on the roster.

After the 3rd day of preschool and the 3rd time of Owen telling us they worked on the letter A, I pulled out his worksheet and saw bears and balloons. I asked him if he was sure they worked on the letter A or if they did the letter B. From then on, he's given us a letter other than A.

Owen came downstairs after his nap and I had the TV on with a football game playing (I will not mention the team because they are horrible again this year!). The official called a penalty and then pointed to the side to indicate the penalty was on the offense while he said whatever the infraction was and 'offense'. Owen said 'Mommy, why did that referee say offense and point like that. That's not the way you call offensive. You do this." And then he demonstrated the basketball call for offensive foul. He was bothered the rest of the afternoon that the referee did the wrong hand signal. We talked through football and basketball being different sports. I think the black and white stripes were the confusing part for him. He loves to wear his referee shirt and since it's getting a little small, Santa has already purchased the next size up.

I walked in the babysitter's house to pick the kids up...Owen ran to the door and said 'Mommy, I spilled my nuts.'

I put Anderson in his first time out last week because he kept knocking Owen over the head. Anderson was pitiful in time out and Owen went over to him, gave him a hug and said, 'it will be okay brother.'

We had some ginger ale at our house due to a stomach virus making its rounds. Owen was very excited to tell me he was drinking gingerbread.

And, for the Andersonism...I told him to come into the kitchen to eat his toast. He came running in, stopped in front of me, bent over and said 'toes, toes' while pointing guessed it, his toes!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Eating, eating, eating

They do such a good job sitting at the little table....

Until Anderson decides he's done...then watch out, the food and drinks start to fly! Oh wait, that's not just at the little table, that's at every table!

Despite the fork not being used in this picture, Anderson is actually getting really good with using his fork. He likes to clap after every successful fork used bite.

One of our favorites for breakfast are green smoothies. After every sip, Anderson says 'mmmm' and then goes in for more. He'll very quickly drink 8 ounces and want more! What a great way to get a lot of servings of fruit and veggies in them.

For those of you not familiar with green smoothies, they are smoothies with greens added (about 50% greens and 50% fruit). Spinach grinds up the best, but we've also used collards, kale and romaine. I tried mustard greens...not so tasty! I usually add either bananas or avocados as they seem to make it less frothy. You can find a lot of fancy recipes online. You can pretty much put anything...any fruits, any supplements etc. My favorite is spinach, banana and strawberry. I usually add some plain yogurt and a scoop of protein powder. Owen usually wants me to add blueberries...which is really good with peaches too!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hilton Head

On our rainy Monday, we headed to Hilton Head, played at The Sandbox and had lunch at the Salty Dog Cafe. We were the last kids in for The Sandbox's pre-opening class. The kids all painted a plate...I don't have pictures from that part, but here are my kids plates....

The kids had a blast at The Sandbox.

No surprise that Owen spent most of his time in the construction area.

Anderson figured out how to ring the doorbell...and did it over and over and over.

Anderson walking into the pirate ship...saw the port hole and stooped down to look through it.

I took so many pictures at The Sandbox! Fun place to take the kids, especially when it is raining.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Along the river

Not sure why my pictures are hazy...but, here they are. Downtown Savannah is beautiful and despite the heat, we enjoyed the time along the river.

We watched this huge cargo ship.

And the Forrest Gump bench. Traffic was reversed for the filming.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Next stop...Tybee Island

You'd think my kids were excited to be at the beach...barely settled and already digging in. Owen and Madelyn were talking about the beach the entire ride down.

The water was nice and calm.

Daddy and Anderson

Hadley and Anderson with Courtney and Madelyn in the background.

Then Daddy decided to bury the boys.

Then after Anderson escaped...time for boobies.

So much fun at the beach, but it is a lot of work with all those little ones!

Hanging out

Hadley and Anderson

And we tried to get a picture of the 4 of them.
Owen - 3, Anderson - 1, Hadley - 1, and Madelyn - 2.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Stop - Park

We hit the park and worked out those stiff legs.

Owen was excited to find some big machinery.

And back to tell Daddy all about the diggers!

Sweet Madelyn

Daddy showing he's really still a kid.

New olympic event...synchronized swinging and right thumb sucking.

Look ma, no hands!

And finally, back to the digger before we all melted and headed home.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Savannah or Bust

We, along with Courtney and Madelyn piled in and hit I95S and headed to Savannah to visit the McCormicks. We went to Tybee Island, Hilton Head and downtown Savannah.
Aaron and Court in front, Madelyn and Owen in the middle and Anderson and me in the back.

The kids all did fantastic the entire amazing fete since the total nap going and coming home was about 45 minutes and that was by Anderson. My kids don't normally sleep in the car, so I wasn't expecting too much sleep, but thought they'd eventually sleep.

First stop...the park with Hadley and Alisa.