Saturday, August 14, 2010

Real Food

Somebody is hungry...he's always hungry! I don't know how he is so tiny...this kid can eat!

Over the past year or so, we've been making a switch to real food...not that we ate a lot of processed food before, but really trying to go back to basic traditional foods. So what are some things we've done? We purchased a quarter of grass-fed and finished cow a few months ago, we've found a local source for farm fresh eggs, we supplement the garden with a subscription to a local produce box and we found some local milk from grassfed cows that is only minimally pasteurized. We've made the decision to avoid HFCS (just google HFCS dangers and you'll probably be convinced as well) and artificial sweeteners. Local honey and real maple syrup taste so much better! I'm making sourdough bread every few weeks (let me know if you want some starter) and stocking the freezer with homemade goodies for breakfast options (including the muffins Anderson is eagerly awaiting above). I am spending a little more time in the kitchen these days and have more changes I still want to implement. I have my eye on a couple of fun (and expensive) kitchen gadgets. I'm having fun trying new recipes and feeding my family nutritious food. I'm fascinated with learning about traditional foods, their preparations and how to implement them into our lives.

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