Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The local Ducks Unlimited group held their 3rd annual Greenwing Fishing Event. What a great family time! Our buddies the Fitts and Denning Families were also there and for mid-July in this incredible hot summer, the weather was excellent.

Owen started off by shooting a bb gun. Ok, this was hilarious!
The wildlife officer asked him what hand he writes with...notice he has his right hand up. We still don't know what handed he is. We are leaning toward left, but then he surprises us and uses the right.

And getting lined up. Instead of releasing the trigger after each shot, he kept wanting to pull it harder to shoot again. And, he looked at the officer while shooting instead of at the target.

You can sort of see it in this picture...Owen would kick his leg up on every shot.

Only one of his shots hit the target, and it was really close to the bulls eye.

They had hunting dog and police dog demonstrations. The hunting dog showed off in the field and in the water.

Then it was time to fish. Owen was so excited to go fishing!
Daddy helped bait the hook.

Then helped cast the line.

And provided some fishing instruction.

Meanwhile, my job was to keep Anderson from plunging headfirst into the pond and to keep him from trying to eat the bait.

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