Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Do

Aaron likes to give the kids mohawks. I've been waiting for Anderson to get one...and he did the other night before we headed out to dinner.

Here's Owen with one about the same age.

Nothing like sporting nothing but a mohawk and crocs! We've had a couple of potty successes (right place, right time)...we are taking the same approach we did with Owen of a daily sit. Anderson isn't quite as content as Owen was to sit there. Although, he sits much longer when Owen brings a book over and sits next to him.

The day after Anderson had a success, he went over to the potty, sat on it then stood back up and clapped. Totally hilarious and he clearly didn't get why I was applauding him the day before.


Jill said...

The "new do" is adorable. Good for you getting Anderson to sit daily. I can't wait till Nathaniel can do this. Since he is still not crawling or walking he is not steady enough to sit on the potty just yet.

Alisa said...

So cute! Love the mohawk! :)

Maridith said...

Such cute pictures!! That is so funny Anderson sitting on the potty and clapping!! So cute! I asked myself the other day if I will be as successful with baby #3 as I was with one and two when it comes to potty training. Who knows!!