Saturday, February 20, 2016


A picture of Anderson's sweet are Anderson and Riley with her arm around him?!

We loaded the kids up on sweetness (daddy got a Krispy Kreme craving).  And Anderson conked out on the way home.  The boy sure is sweet when he's asleep (and most of the time when he is awake).

See what I mean?

 A lot of mischief in that sweet little face!

Sweet buddies

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sweet Puppy (Spoiled too!)

We tried Jordan's sweater on him.  He's a little bigger than Jordan so it was a tad snug.

 A bed for two?

 Anderson thought he needed a cape...that's Anderson's blankie he tied around Steel's neck.

So spoiled!  Jordan and Wesley weren't allowed in this chair!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Year, Same Start

We started the New Year off the same way we have the past couple...with basketball season.

Anderson has the same coach he's had the past 2 years.  We love his little team and awesome coaches.

Owen is in for a challenging year.  Fortunately, he's not all about winning and just has fun being out there and playing.

 Anderson is #5 asking for the ball..

Owen is #7 in the middle of the lane.


 Anderson found a sweet cheerleader...her mom may have had to bribe him with chocolate to pose for a picture...not sure what has happened to our 'ladies man.'

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ice Skating Cousins

Instead of exchanging Christmas gifts with the cousins, we met up for a day of ice skating fun (some had more fun than others!).

They were all excited to start skating...unfortunately, the 3 who had never skating before quickly lost their joy.

 Will-sir - doing pretty good! 

 Daddy and Anderson

 My beautiful sister.
 Owen and Julia all the way across.  Poor Julia was pretty frustrated and declared ice skating the 'worst Christmas present ever.'  Owen was very patient with her and stuck by her most of the time.

 Owen in red on the left and Julia in red on the right.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas - Take 4 and 5

Christmas Take 4 - Santa came to our house!

He left Jordan's and soccer pants for Owen, a BMX bike for Anderson and a Wii U for both of them!

Excited to come downstairs and see what surprises are awaiting them...


 How did Santa know that he loves Oreos?

 Steel was much better behaved this Christmas than last Christmas!  He only tried to eat the paper once this year!

 Using the new Selfie Stick..


 Happy faces trying out the Wii U.

 Then Papa stopped by for Take 5

 No good pictures of Owen all day...he was moving too fast!

After we stuffed our bellies, Anderson and Papa had a snuggle.

Steel kept watch for Grinches.

And then got all worn out.

What a wonderful day celebrating the birth of our Savior.  It's so much fun to see Christmas through the eyes of a child.  But even sweeter to see them know the true meaning of Christmas and celebrate Jesus throughout the season.