Monday, July 7, 2014

Sandlot Baseball

We signed Owen up for a local Sandlot baseball league.  It's basically organized pickup games and he moved up to machine pitch.  It's a great intro for him into 'real' baseball vs tball.

I was so nervous for his first at-bat...but he took one swing and hit the ball!

 He was excited to play catcher, but didn't really have any idea what he was doing since it was only the 2nd inning of his first game.  But, he had fun and that's the point!  He also looked super cute!
   Anderson was cute just hanging around and watching his big brother.  He asked if he was going to get to play too and when I said no, he said, 'Yes, I get to play in the dirt!'  And he did play in the dirt...and didn't get yelled at for it.  He spent a fair amount of time getting yelled at for playing in the dirt during tball games.

Monday, June 30, 2014

5 Year Stats

Anderson had his 5 year check up....complete with 4 mean shots.  He was most unhappy with the shots.  When his teacher at summer camp asked if he was brave for his shots he replied with an accurate, 'nope.'  In his defense, he was pretty worn out from the week of VBS...being tired makes it hurt more.

He weighed in at 41 pounds (50th percentile) and measured in at 42 inches (27th percentile).  He moved up from the 25th percentile in height from his 4 year.  He's slowly trucking along.

He also had his kindergarten vision and hearing screening which he aced.  He did some dancing for the nurses and was his normal crazy self until the shots showed up.  Poor least he is done with them now for several years.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Oh, my!  The kids got some mustaches from cute!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday!

Happy 7th Birthday to our big boys!

Owen and Anderson started the day with a carnival at summer camp.  I picked Owen up early and we enjoyed lunch and a fun afternoon roller skating.  We topped it off with a dinner out and cake and presents.

I cannot believe it has been 7 years since I became a mommy!  Owen is such a wonderful kid and is growing up way too fast!

He started presents a day early with Grandma Sue.

 He got a roller skate painted on his face at the carnival at summer camp.
 Anderson got a dog...he looked like he had a black eye for a few days afterwards.
 Ready to skate!  He got his skates for Christmas and has been practicing.  He did a great job.  It took me a little while to 'find my skating skills.'  I think it has been 20 years since I have skated.  By the time I was getting good again, he was ready to head home.  He was so sweet and asked if we could skate around holding hands.  I sure to love this boy to pieces!

 He wanted a hat case...just like Daddy's.
 And he loved the travel bag and travel size items Daddy picked out.
 Anderson got him an organizer for his desk drawer.  This boy is so much like his daddy it is crazy!  He loves to have bags and trays and organizing things.
He even picked a red velvet cake.  Since it's daddy's favorite, it's his favorite.  He wanted a big 7 on top of it.  I thought I grabbed the writing tube, but instead grabbed a food coloring the top of the cake ended up blue.  He didn't mind...but it was interesting looking.

 And then he got more presents.  I'd say he had a great day.  Big thanks to the grandparents for the awesome presents!

Happy 7th Birthday, Owen and Evan!  Mommy, Daddy and Anderson love you so much!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Piano Lessons

Guess who has started piano lessons...

He has been asking to start, so we started a couple months earlier than we had far so good!

Happy Father's Day

Much love to my wonderful husband and my wonderful father on Father's Day...they are the best!

The card Owen made his daddy...

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Medals and Baseball wrap-up

The last day of school also brought the last baseball game and the receipt of medals.  I sure did enjoy having them on the same team.  Was a lot less running around this year than it will be in the years to come.  

We told Anderson that since he was 5 now, he wasn't to play in the dirt during the games.  I think it was his best game.  He had everyone laughing though when during the last inning he was playing about 10 feet behind 2nd base.  And every time a runner got to second, the who field heard, 'Hey, what's your name?  My name is Anderson.'

We were joking that he was going to address each kid by name in the 'good game' line.

 I love that Anderson is holding up a #1 finger.


Thursday, May 29, 2014

1st Grade Awards

Owen completed an awesome year in first grade.  He learned and matured so much this year.

He successfully read over 150 books earning a reading trophy and completed his fitness units to earn a fitness ribbon.

Monday, May 26, 2014

He's 5!!

And just like that, Anderson turned 5!  The past 5 years have flown by...I can't imagine our life without this kid.

What a sweet little crazy ball of energy and laughs!  He loves Jesus, his family and superman.  He is small, but strong.  He is smart and witty.  He gives great hugs and tells us all the time how much he loves us.  He cannot wait for kindergarten.  I love that little guy (and his big brothers and daddy) so much I think my heart may burst sometimes.

We celebrated his birthday with a big water slide, family and friends from school.  He was so excited for his friends to arrive.

Looks like he loved his UA Superman shirt...Good thing he got a few other superman shirts because that's all he wears!

 Love Owen's expression here.  Owen loves giving gifts and was so excited for Anderson to open what he picked out for him...the movie Frozen.

 The awesome waterslide. 

 We had to go inside to do the candles...the wind kept blowing them out outside.

What a great day celebrating our big 5 year old!